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    Technical Issues. Given the unpredictability of technology and the online environment, Make My Day does not warrant that the function or operation of this or any of our other websites will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that this site or the servers that makes it available will be free of viruses or other harmful elements. As a visitor to, and user of this site, you assume full responsibility for any costs associated with servicing of equipment used in connection with use of our site. As a visitor to and a user of this site, you, in effect, agree that your access will be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this legal notice and that access is undertaken at your own risk. Make My Day shall not be liable for damages of any kind related to your use of or inability to access this site.

    Product Display. We make every effort to display the products featured on Make My Day as accurately as possible. However, the colors we use, as well as the display and color capabilities of your particular computer monitor, will greatly affect the colors you actually see on the screen. Make My Day cannot be held responsible for the limitations of your monitor and cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color, texture, or detail of actual merchandise will be accurate.

    In order for you to view the intricate details of some of our products, we provide enlarged and details views frequently. Images used on the site do not represent the actual size of the product. If the size and weight of each item is not stated in the item description, and this information would be important or interesting for you, you should inquire using the email address or contact form provided.

    Product Availability. Please understand that the majority of our featured items are handmade as single pieces or in limited quantities and, because of their limited availability, their stock may not be refreshed. That means once an item is gone, it may be gone for good and not appear on the web site again. Placing an out-of-stock item on your "Wish List" does not guarantee it will be restocked.

    Should you have any questions concerning the availability of a particular item, please contact us.

    Site Errors. We make every effort to present the most recent, accurate, and reliable information on our website at all times. However, there may be occasions when some information featured on our site may contain incomplete data, typographical errors, or inaccuracies. Any errors are wholly unintentional and we apologize if erraneous information is reflected in merchandise price or item availability, or in any way affects your individual order. Please be aware that we present our content 'as is' and make no claims to its accuracy, either expressed or implied. We reserve the right to amend errors or to update product information at any time without prior notice.

    Site Changes. Our goal is to keep our web site fresh and exciting by adding merchandise as new items come our way and deleting merchandise as limited supplies are exhausted. We create timely editorial to replace content that becomes out-dated or out-of-season, move and expand portions of the site in an effort to bring you more, and will continue to increase our services to you as technologies improve.

    We cannot guarantee that something you saw on a previous visit will still be present on our website when you visit again. We reserve the right to make changes to our website without prior notice. Should you be unable to locate some particular article of content or piece of merchandise that caught your attention on a previous visit to our site, please contact us and we'll make every effort to fulfill your requests whenever possible.


    Encrypted Transmissions. Make My Day utilizes the industry's highest standard of data encryption and positive identification technology to ensure that your online shopping experience is safe and secure. Security measures are triggered automatically with your order. Your order will be submitted only if your computer and our server are communicating in a secure mode.

    Security measures are employed throughout our website, wherever you've been asked to submit sensitive information. We employ the industry's most stringent security technology to encrypt sensitive information, including your contact information and credit card number. Please review our Privacy Policy to find out exactly how your personal information is handled.

    Positive Identification. Before your personal information is transmitted to us, your browser will make a positive identification that communication is being conducted with Make-My-Day. Your browser will notify you prior to the transmission of sensitive information if the connection looks suspicious. Only upon authentication of a secure connection to Make-My-Day will your order be processed online. This authentication by your browser takes place after you select "Purchase" and before your order is actually submitted.

    Follow Up Measures. Once your order is transmitted, your encrypted information is automatically transferred via a secure connection to a secure server that is not accessible to anyone online. Your order is then processed internally; no one but our order processors will have access to your information.

    Credit Card Fraud Protection. For any balance due to unauthorized use of your credit card, please contact your credit card company about its specific refunds policies. Our customer service representatives will do all they can to resolve such situations quickly with the least amount of inconvenience to you.


    Product Pricing
    The prices displayed on this website are generally quoted in Australia currency. Prices are subject to change at any time. Make My Day may choose to display the prices in another currency as a reference. This shall only serve as a reference to make comparison easier for our visitors. Currency exchange rates are naturally subject to frequent changes. The only authoritative price though is the price given in Australia currency (AUD or AU$). The website contains an automation mechanism to display the currency relevant to the visitor (eg if a visitor visits the site from the USA prices are displayed in USD, if from Europe, prices are displayed in EUR). Additionally, a visitor can select the currency from a range of major currencies. Depending of the payment processing company prices other than AU may be maintained throughout the process including checkout. This way the buying customer is able to pay in his country's currency. Again, it depends on the chosen payment processing company (eg PayPal offers multiple currencies).

    Credit Card Payment
    The price advertised might not be the same price charged to your credit card account if your credit card is edited in another than Australia currency due to exchange rate fluctuations and possible additional currency conversion charges by your credit card institution. This means that although you always will be charged the advertised amount in Australia currency, conversion/re-conversion from the currency of the credit card to Australia currency or back may show slightly different amounts. This is beyond the control of Make My Day and fully in the hands of the credit card institutions and banks.
    Make My Day accepts the following credit cards for online purchases:  Visa or MasterCard

    International Tariffs, Taxes & Brokerage Fees
    Any product that Make My Day ships internationally may be subject to local tariffs, taxes and brokerage fees above the cost of the product. For specific information about these costs you should contact your local customs office or international shipping company. Please note that at the time of delivery of your order, you will be responsible for custom fees which will be determined by the shipper and local customs officers. By ordering a product for export from Make My Day you assume the responsibility of paying international tariffs and taxes as determined by local customs authorites. Refusal to honour this obligation will result in non-delivery of the order and in the additional charge from shipping the order back to Australia.

    Gift Certificates
    Gift certificates are not refundable and cannot be exchanged against money.
    Gift certificates maybe valid for a limited time only after the date of issue. If there is an expiry it will be noticed on the certificate and before you buy.
    Gift certificates are basically consisting of just the code number printed on it. - Everybody who has this code can use it!
    The code can only be used once! So it is very wise to treat the gift certificate like real money.
    If you lose it or somebody else uses it instead of you it is lost.
     There will be no refund for expired, or lost, or stolen gift certificate codes without exception.

    Questions. Should you have any questions concerning our product pricing or payment policies, please contact us. Please also consult the FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) on our website. Your question may find an answer already there.


    Should an order be cancelled where work has not yet been started any payments made so far will be refunded less any possible fees charged by the payment processing company (eg PayPal charges a transaction fee of USD 0.50).
    Once work has started on personalised items no refund will be given. Usually work starts immediately or withing a few hours after payment has been received.


    Items purchased through Make My Day are non-returnable unless merchandise is flawed. This must not limit your rights through the Australian Consumer Guarantees Act.
    Items purchased through Make My Day which were offered as 'Specials', or 'Special Offers' are non-returnable unless merchandise is flawed.
    Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, you don’t have the right to return goods simply because you decide you don’t want them anymore, or your circumstances have changed.
    Please check any parcel or package for damages immediately on receipt.
    Items that are damaged in shipment must be returned in the original packing with packing slip. If ever possible take photographs of any damaged package and merchandise to enable us to make our claim with the shipping agent.
    We do not accept any damage claims being made days or weeks or even later after receiving an item.
    For returns, please contact us first to obtain an RMA number. We do not accept packages without an RMA number. Any packages sent in without an RMA number or not authorised otherwise by Make My Day will be treated at our discretion.
    Gift vouchers are not refundable. Recipients are entitled to a non-refundable merchandise credit.


    Most items will ship within 1-2 days after an order is paid and accepted by Make My Day.
    For shipping options please see options during checkout. Faster shipping methods are available on request at a nominal fee.
    If not explicitly noted otherwise all shippings are from Australia. Any shipping times given are tentative only. Since all shipping companies including postal services do not guarantee shipping times, Make My Day cannot give a shipping time guarantee either.

    Shipping Options

    • are offered during checkout depending on destination and order properties

    In destinations of the European Union (EU), especially in the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and Germany, customs occasionally hold a small percentage of shipments for a prolonged period of time, sometimes several weeks, without this being visible to the postal carrier nor the receiver. The goods are however always released and delivered or the receiver is being informed to pick it up at the nearest customs office.

    Questions. Should you have any questions concerning the shipment of an order, please contact us. Please also consult the FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) on our website. Your question may find an answer already there.