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    Most items will ship within 1-2 days after an order is paid and accepted by Make My Day.
    For shipping options please see options during checkout. Faster shipping methods are available at a nominal fee.
    If not explicitly noted otherwise all shippings are from Australia. Any shipping times given are tentative only. Since all shipping companies including postal services do not guarantee shipping times, Make My Day cannot give a shipping time guarantee either.

    In destinations of the European Union (EU), especially in the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and Germany, customs occasionally hold a small percentage of shipments for a prolonged period of time, sometimes several weeks, without this being visible to the postal carrier nor the receiver. The goods are however always released and delivered or the receiver is being informed to pick it up at the nearest customs office.

    Shipping Options

    • are offered during checkout depending on destination and order properties

    You will see that shipping from Australia is not expensive and quite reasonable